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Friday, December 31, 2010


The most selfish 1 letter ‘I’- avoid it
The most satisfactory 2 letters ‘WE’- use it
The most poisonous 3 letters ‘EGO’- kill it
The most used 4 letters ‘LOVE’- value it
The most pleasing 5 letters ‘SMILE’- keep it
The most spreading 6 letters ‘RUMOUR’- ignore it
The most hardworking 7 letters ‘SUCCESS’- achive it
The most enviable 8 letters ‘JEALOUSY’- distance it
The most powerful 9 letters ‘KNOWLEDGE’- acquire it
The most divine 10 letters ‘FRIENDSHIP’- maintain it

Saturday, December 25, 2010


I've just came back from camping organised by alumni IIUM at Agrotek Resort,Hululangat. this is the first time i got a chance for being a fasilitator during the camp.i'm pleased! the resort is superb.with the decoration theme of flora look like we've stay in many type of trees and flowers covering the creative idea of decoration.i can forget all the problem i face even just for a while during the camp and refreshing my mind by looking at more green colour,and gain more oxygen.theres a lot activities during the camp expecially during the second day.first,in the early morning,we do the aerobic together.while doing the aerobic,there are many act we can see during follow the aerobic dance. the aerobics movements quite difficult,but after all,everybody can have fun.after that we continue the activity in the jungle. i love entering the much love because i can feel something diffrent came into my soul when i enter the great the creation of Allah.nature.i feel more grateful.i enjoyed for being there. i got so many experience during the camp.althought i've been soooo exhausted,but its worth my life. experience is the best teacher!

Friday, December 17, 2010


hari ni lucky day sebab aku dpt join program yg melibatkan org2 kenamaan dan dpt gak menambah merit adalah prog Kasih Sejuta Harapan Alquran Braille kt PWTC. mmg function ar coz ade Rosmah,Dr. Mashitah ngn Nubhan.aku sempat salam ngn Datin Rosmah dan Dr.Mashitah. also tgkap gamba ngn dyrg skali termasuk Nubhan ngn Rina. perghh Nubhan sgt cute owh serta sgt tinggi. balik pown mmg da lewat,mate un da ngatok,perut un da lg tido mmg sedap membute smpe tgahari...papehal un,hari ni mmg function..hahaha...

Saturday, November 27, 2010


haa ketet?per tu???hahahah...ketet ue name group aku sejak aku msok IPB yg perangai gilerr2 ngn otak gilerr2 babeng! mmg kterg sekepala abes. nk tw per makne KETET? juz terbalikkan je ayat KETET and get the answer..hahahha! sound dirty tp itulah dy kegilaan kterg.kowg mest dpt bygkn kn,nme un da siot camtu so taw2 sdiri la kan camne agk2 nyer otak kterg..hahahha! group aku ader 12 org..and syarat nyer kner open minded..sbb kterg ni suke cite bnder2 mepek kdg2 mengalahkan laki ppnyer cite..korg phm la kan cite aper klo laki suker cite..keh3~ mmg sengal arr. mmg open gile kterg. dah xder bknyer smpe thp feeling dalam2 pown..juz cite sahajer. klo 12 org tu kumpul skali mmg jd bingit abs.giler kencang sampai satu blog ley dga kterg ktawer. mcm2 prangai dyrg ni..sume perangai yg gilerr2 da mcm xrupe pempuan pown ader. klo ngn dyrg mmg bole jd gilerr..kdg2 bnder yg borak kt bilik un smpe ley tlepas ckp kt kterg wat bodo err,maklum la KETET!kah3~ wndu nk ovnyte ag ngn ketet and sporting!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Registeration for sem2

erm,oke2...ats pmintaan mmb kuh...ku update gak la blog neh walaupun mate dh beransur sayu2 stim sbb xcukop tdo...its okay for my friend's sake...hari ni pnat gak lar sbb g dafta sem2 and dtg un da lewat ditambah ngn jam ag kt jln..mmg sdap r..janji ngn dak2 ni nk dafta same kol9 tp aku bole lak grak dri umh kol9.30, bajet ley elakkan jam...smpe jer Sg.Besi,haa amek kaw jam abs! nset asyik bebunyi jer yg kesimpulannya mengatakan "aina ko da smpe mner skg?"..last2 nyer dyrg g dafta dlu,smper2 jer kelam kabut diwatnyer,kner mnx cop sana cop saner tp dpt gak la settle selum ttp pndaftaran...kali ni pnya no blk n no klas tetap samer cam sem1..mmg terbaek pnya!hahahha. tp sem2 ni rase len sket compare ngn da tmbah matured lak...hihi~
pas abs jer dafta,kterg lepak2 lepas wndu cam la cut sem smper 2 bulan,pdhal 2 mggu je un...then,dh bosan2 uh sempat la gak aku menapak g TS uh, da jln2 kt TS,lepak lak maple BB Plaza...then ble da cam loyo semcm er blek kolej la destinasi paleng menarik skali and landing kt bilik...yeahaaa! sdap ble dpt jmper blek katil n tilam asrama...huhuu...esk da stat kls for sem2 and berazam nk blaja sungguh2 xnk men2 (bajet er tuh standard azam utk baru2 nih)...papehal un gud luck 4 my self...ngaaaa~aku nk cter dlm2 kt blog xley arrrr sbb da kner sensored...hahahha~

Monday, October 25, 2010

Living with my tears

Skg camni lah prasaan ini, kpda sesiapa yg ley feel....marilah feel same2 keyh!

Here we go welcome to my funeral,
Without u I dun even have a pulse,
All alone its dark and cold,
With every move I die.

Here I go,this is my confessional,
A lost cause nobody can save my soul,
I am so delusional,
With every move I die.

I have destroyed our love,its gone..
Payback is sick,its all my fault..

I'm living with tears in my eyes,
Just fighting to get through the night,
Im losing it,
With every move I die.

I'm fading I'm broken inside,
I've wasted the love of my life,
I'm losing it,
With every move I die..

When did I become such a hyprocite?
Double life,lies that u caught me in,
Trust I'm paying for it,
With every move I die.

On the floor I'm just a zombie,
Who I am is not who I wanna be,
I'm such a tragedy,
With every move I die..

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Last Friday 15 Oct '10 right after finishing our last paper of E1,we went out to make surprise for Cucu's Birthday.we include Cicit, Cucu, Nenek, Peanut, Syud, Ira, Umi, Cepah, Ririn, Ibu, and Moyang with her Adeq.Went went to KTV karaoke to sing while Moyang bought the White Chocolate Cake from Secret Recipe. not longer after that,Moyang came with the birthday cake and everybody were singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Cucu. The situation at that time was happening..

After karaoke,we went to Time Square..some of us make a fish spa. all of them were scaring while doing the fish spa just like bite by pirana...wahahahha!the rest were bought the 3D movie ticket of The Child's Eye. the movie started at 9.30pm. and because of our college gate close at 11pm o'clock and we can't reach there before 11pm,so we made a new plan for overnight.everybody follow the new plan expecially Nenek..waaaa,Nenek ovnyte dow~hahah

ok,lets talk during watching the movie...for me,this is the best part of our outing...i want to laugh first....wahahaahah! because of our movie is the horror movie also 3D,its look real...for Nenek who is the first time watching 3D movie,she keeps scream loud till the other people behind her feel uncomfortable...for Peanut,Syud,Ira and me...we just scream like hell yeah...hahahah...
after the movie is finished,we walked and walked around the BB street...usha2 peoples out there and lepaking at mamak store for about three the second time in mamak store infront of BB Plaza,guess what, a bottle of mineral cost rm4 and the old chinese woman said "di sbbkn u olg aaa wa kasi rm3 saja".what the F! we lepak there untill the store is close.then we move to dataran merdeka.thanks to Zack of Cepah's friend for send us to dataran dataran merdeka, everybody stared at us,i dont know why maybe its bcos of only us a group of minah tudung overnight at dataran merdeka...wakakak..we dun care ok,janji rock! Peanut and Syud can't handle their sleepness and mumbling for non stop..
the last part is we went back to our college at 6 o' that time,we were caught by mak guard arbok but only Cepah answer all the mak guard questions...the rest were hiding dunno where...malas nk menghadapi mak guard..huhuhu...that is our night journey before starting the sem holiday...waaaaa~