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Thursday, March 31, 2011

I,We and You need a mirror!

hot issue skg adalah psl ade manusia yg menyamar kt fb dgn beberapa akaun...dy tlh menghina Islam dan Nabi Muhammad..melampau tuuu..xperlu la aku ckp fb dy ape,bikin pns jer nnt bace..motherfuckers that homosapien.aku trjumpe fb dy pown sbb ade org post kt fb then aku bkak n bace info dy..perghh!aku tnpa bfikir pjg(style aku mmg mls nk pk pjg) smpat juge maki hamun dy...lepas tuh,tetbe aku terfiki balek bnder yg aku da second, ni yg ade dlm fikiran aku...
okey...kite sebagai umt Islam mmg benci dan bengang klo ade manusia lain yg kutuk,hina dan memperlekehkan agama kite..rase nk bunuh je pown ade kan..TAPI...ade x kite pnh terfikir diri kite ni cmne?agame kite?adekah kite ni da ckup mengikuti garisan panduan yg tlh ditetapkan oleh Islam,melaksanakan rukun islam..mmg la xder manusia yg sempurna,tp xkan laa kite nk jd sempurna baru nk tegur kesalahan org kan..kite diciptakan Allah sebagai khalifah dimuka bumi ini supaya bersama2 utk menegakkan Islam..dan lagi satu,kite beria2 nk perangi Israel dgn boikot sana boikot xder effect pown..sbb ape?sbb skrg umat Islam sdiri pown da bpecah belah cmne nk perangi yahudi yg mnjadi musuh Islam sejak azali lg..aku pwn heran laa..cmner laa..dunia dh akhir zaman...mcm2 bnde pelik jadik..

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Drop by

well,since its have been a long time not updating my blog,so i want to post something in my blog..i want to share a lil bit story currently happen in my life..hurm,what is your feeling when being backstabbed by your own lover or friend or your best friend forever (BFF)???its hurt right..or no hard feeling?we born as a human definitely have a sensitive feeling whether it shown or hide.its depends on the human heart..i'm always pondering,why people like to talk and do shitly to other innocent people?its unfair right and can't be accepted! but God is just and fair..everything we do in this extraterrestrial whether its good or bad will get the reciprocation from God. just wait and never ever2 try to mess with another peoples if you don't want to get hurt someday..lalallalaala~

External exm

Last week i've done my internal exam but still have another exam from external since my college have link with London Bridge,eh slap with London Chamber of Commerce and Industry so it will be an external exam begin on 6 April if i'm not mistaken..well,actually i dun seem like to care bout exam date coz it will messying my mind when think bout the exm. i need to relax my inner and outer body,physical and stress okey! chillax~

Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Goal

Final exam is too close the corner..juz a week from the date i posted this blog..well,what is my preparations??? juz make sure my mental and physical always in good condition. but the closer the exm the higher the stress! owh baby baby...drop it to the floor! yeah...i need a doctor to cure my i'll makesure to wake up at the middle of the night to perform Tahajud and Hajat..niat da adr tp kekdg x kesampaian..:(. another preparation, i'm on my way doing all the calculation...hope i can pass all the subject with flying colours expecially English For Business! study study sampai pecah kepale for beter future! aku nk pass English For Business 2 and Business Admin 1 supaye aku bole ambik Dip in Biz Admin kt sem3 so aku xya extend 1 sem nk dpt Dip in Biz Study ..account aku da la xdpt,mmg biul time sem1 sbb xwat betul2..nyesal 1000x nyesal! tp xpe,account is not everything..i've found another alternative..HAHA!

This is my next further education if i can finish the LCCI...hope with fully tears drop i can achive all my goal in the future..u must!! aku xmau mengulangi's have been my scary nightmare ever..


First thing i'm gonna buy when my second allowance out is those books..i've been searching those book for ages and i want to buy them..cpt la kuar wahai duit sebelum abs stok buku tuuu..da la best laa nk cari keliling MPH or other bookstores yg maha besa tue..

Saturday, March 5, 2011

I Need a Doctor

I'm about to lose my mind,
You've been gone for so long,
I'm running out of time..
I need a doctor,
Call me a doctor,
I need a doctor...
To bring me back to life...

yeah! that it single by Eminem, the BEST raper now and ever ever...this song increasing my adrenalin..i'm addicted to this song..lately i've been re-playing this song for non stop till i can feel my brain up side down..lolz~ besides, i've new passion towards Eminem because of he still look young eventhough he already 38 years old..and his popularity maintain till now since i'm not exist yet..none of rapers can challenge him and can do best as his perfomance..caya lah..