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Sunday, March 20, 2011

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well,since its have been a long time not updating my blog,so i want to post something in my blog..i want to share a lil bit story currently happen in my life..hurm,what is your feeling when being backstabbed by your own lover or friend or your best friend forever (BFF)???its hurt right..or no hard feeling?we born as a human definitely have a sensitive feeling whether it shown or hide.its depends on the human heart..i'm always pondering,why people like to talk and do shitly to other innocent people?its unfair right and can't be accepted! but God is just and fair..everything we do in this extraterrestrial whether its good or bad will get the reciprocation from God. just wait and never ever2 try to mess with another peoples if you don't want to get hurt someday..lalallalaala~