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Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Goal

Final exam is too close the corner..juz a week from the date i posted this blog..well,what is my preparations??? juz make sure my mental and physical always in good condition. but the closer the exm the higher the stress! owh baby baby...drop it to the floor! yeah...i need a doctor to cure my i'll makesure to wake up at the middle of the night to perform Tahajud and Hajat..niat da adr tp kekdg x kesampaian..:(. another preparation, i'm on my way doing all the calculation...hope i can pass all the subject with flying colours expecially English For Business! study study sampai pecah kepale for beter future! aku nk pass English For Business 2 and Business Admin 1 supaye aku bole ambik Dip in Biz Admin kt sem3 so aku xya extend 1 sem nk dpt Dip in Biz Study ..account aku da la xdpt,mmg biul time sem1 sbb xwat betul2..nyesal 1000x nyesal! tp xpe,account is not everything..i've found another alternative..HAHA!

This is my next further education if i can finish the LCCI...hope with fully tears drop i can achive all my goal in the future..u must!! aku xmau mengulangi's have been my scary nightmare ever..