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Friday, February 3, 2012

A7X Live in Kuala Lumpur!

Salam and holla everybodyh!! as u guys know Avenged Sevenfold will perform life in KL yeahh! finally this band has come back after released their last album Nightmare on 2010..sounds unbelievable but hell yeah this is the truth..actually what i love bout this band is their songs..mostly their songs is about life..even their music is at the category of hard rock and metal but yeah still i'm into far their lyrics are acceptable..don't look at their death performance and appereance,but listen to their musics and the details of the concert:

Date: 29th April 2012 (sunday)
Venue: Stadium Negara,Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Prices: RM88, RM128, RM158, RM198, RM258

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


assalamualaikum and hi everybodyh! haa,nk ckp sket ni..dlm aku berbaring2 tnpa membuat keje tetbe zuppp terlintas idea nk post sumthing kt blog neh..okeh kali ni aku nk ckp sket psl pashmina and tudung bawal..


ye aku pecinta barang2 mura..nk beli barang2 mahal and branded tu nnt cite klo dah keje bole la kan.Dalam byk2 tudung aku rase tdung ni pleng mura oke..aku ley dpt pashmina ni 2 rm15 kt jln TAR taw and mcm2 colour ade..rambang mate dibuatnye.

aku ni jns pemalas gle nk gosok2 bju or tudung smpe licin and halus..lagi2 klo nk kne bgun awl semate2 nk gosok tudung and baju..aku ni da la jns yg klo kelas pkl 8.30pg aku bangun 7.50 xkan sempat klo nk gosok2 ape sume pashmina ni sng xpaya nk gosok2 and xberkedut pon oke..make your life easier and save electric source..ahakz!

byk mane pin yg aku ade x pnah maintain bilangan nya..asyik2 hilang lah tercicir lah,tu psl malas nk beli pin byk2 wat koleksi,x sampai beberape hari da lesap nta ble pki pashmina nih kdg2 aku x gune pin lgsg sbb pashmina ni mudah nk jimat pin kt sini oke

dgn pashmina nih mcm2 style kte bole wat..cume pndai x pndai je la seseorang itu menggayakannye..unlimited okeh..and smart semestinya..

haa,yg ni paleng aku suke..pashmina bole match ngn ape2 colour pon..xnpk awkward xde la leceh nk match2 kne same warne la ngn baju yg korang pki..

bg aku org2 yg pki pashmina ni berbanding pki tdg bawal bese dyrg lbh npk elegant and sophisticated..

sape kate nk pki pashmina ni lecah and lmbt sbb nk kne lilit2???yg baru2 belajar nk pki maybe lambat la..aku pki pashmina 2 minit da siap..klo pki tdg bawal mane nk siap dlm 2 minit..nk kne iron lg pastu pin kanan kiri lah,nk kne samekan sudut tu lah..klo xngam sikit abs sume jd npk xngam..


tudung bawal ni bg aku mahal..xpnah plak aku jumpe tdg bawal rm10..series dowh..lagi2 klo yg byk manik ngan sulam lg la mhl bole cecah rm30++..

yg ni paleng aku mls..klo ade tdg bawal yg x pyh gosok x berkedut,mmg aku setakat ni x jumpe lg tu psl aku x suke tdg bawal nih

klo nk pki tdg bawal wajib2 la kena guna pin..sekurang2 nya 3 pin,peniti mmg x bole gune klo nk pki tdg bawal nnt sng cabut..mane bole nk selempang je kan..

klo dh pki tdg bawal style yg same tuh jugak la hari2 yee...oh ya,aku prnah tgk tutos yg pki tdg bawal cm selendang,and serabai okeh,xsesuai lah bg aku..

ni lg satu,ble nk pki tdg bawal wajib2 la nk kne match ngn bju yg korang pki,klo warne lari skit tros npk pelik..and selalunye xbyk warne bole matchkan..

dari dlu smpai skrg tdg bawal mmg da wujud so npk cam dh biase sgt mentang2 da bertudung x kn la asyik nk pki tudung bawal je dri dlu smpe skrg..sumpah bosan..

nk kne iron lg..nk iron mane bole lebih kurang jer,kene iron btol2 bg xde kedut2 lgsg..then nk pki kne pin bwh dagu and kiri kanan pastu nk bg same sudut dy..whoaahh!

p/s: ni pendapat aku je sbb aku jnz yg bertudung so aku taw bezakan..and yah,byk kali aku terbace psl laki x suke pmpuan pki pashmina sbb npk serabut and pernah ade laki yg tnye kt aku 'xpns ke pki tdg cmni,berbelit-belit cam serabai je'..ahah,klo x bese pki tdg mmg la cm nk terbakar kpale ko okeh!

and yeah,ade laki kate gurl npk ayu je pki tdg bawal compare dgn pashmina yg npk cam lg bgos,ble laki x suke tgk kte pki pashmina so xde la kte nk tarik perhatian dyrg insyallah kite dh terselamat...:))

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Death Holiday

hi peeps,friends,guys and everybody...after facing of one month of new course but at the same place,i felt extremely diffrent compared to a year ago of myself..maybe i felt kind of matured enough??oh no not yet okayh i'm still kind of childish and sometime i'm giggling to death..and sometime i'm silently to freak! yeah i don't know why and its happen to sudden without any reason..and hell yeah actually i can feel the diffrent in myself in this particular year of 2012..:))oh back to the top story,about my far so great and hopefully will be great untill the end and yes it needs me to spent most of the time for revision if i don't want to lose anything..and today after a month of my lecture,i got 10 days of holiday..oh man,again of disaster..i'm not really interested of long holidays without any plans..boredom killing me softly..somebody please take me out of this boring life! *sigh..ohh i keep on listening on 'demi lovatto-give your heart a break' for this moment..on the next post,next song will come over my ear drum with the beats on..yeahh!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Back To College =,=

ahah! everybody keeps your hand up and down,up and down! LOL...are u ready to go back to school and do your daily bored same activities???yeah u will face all of these for being 'budak sekolah' by following all scematic rules..ROTFL..well i get used of that..same as me,i will get back to college on 4th January or tomorrow..yeah tomorrow..the 6 weeks holiday has driving me to my own fantasy..owh life is like heaven when u are alone in your home and do everything u want without hearing any distraction voice (mak bebel)..but if your daily life is like that why and nooo benefit activity at all u will feel no life and feel extremely boredom..

how i spent my last holiday??oohhh man,disaster i thought!with no money,no friend and no activity at all!on the first week holiday i felt so heaven but on another weeks i felt hell because of doing the same activity everyday...MAKAN dan TIDO!never mind then,i'm passed the hell holidays with successfully facing all the boredom..

by the new sem,hopefully i can arrange my benefical activities and do better compare to the last2 sem..i can do it!! Insyallah :))
see u then :D


HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012!! wah its been 2012 already..well,on 3rd January hopefully still not too late for me to write about a new year..why I'm not posting it on yesterday2 like others do?its because i'm waiting the idea to come..LOL..when a new year come,firstly that will appeared on someone's mind is AZAM..okeh,whats my AZAM??i don't want to think hard about that bcoz i'm tiredly dissapointed with the AZAM every year i can't make it successful..ohhmiGooddd..thats why i'm not really excited when new year come expecially for this year bcos my age will turn to 20...yeah more TEEN okeh so I should learn hardly how to become a lady and a woman maybe?? I want to make my life better by being a good lady...decrease my ego,my selfish,and my big-headed! i'll keep it up as my AZAM this year maybe?well just wwait and see. God will :))

as the year change,its mean there's also many challenges waiting for me to face,to think and to solve it..and so many things to consider..hows the better solutions for all these?well,just follow the flow maybe..

when i was at 10...wah i'm already live for 10 years in ths world..proud! not matured enough at tht time,juz keeping enjoy and no miserable life..

now when i'm 20...ohhh man,am i 20 on ths year?no no no..i'm still look like a young teen when mkcik2 kedai called me 'dik'...juz for a while,then back to reality tht i am clearly 20..yeah,truth is hurt!

the older u get,then more things u need to think,to face and to solve it such as
1.wht will happen to my life next?? i have an enough money without asking to my mom continuously??
3.will i pass on all exms later??
4.wht's my job in the future??
5.mostly this will appear on girls mind..agk2 bile aku nk kawen?sape la jodoh aku agknyer?ish org len da nk kawen,aku ble lg?ade duit ke x ni nk kawen? totally LOL...

actually i'm not really thinking to hard for all these thing..its juz appears suddenly in my mind...