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Tuesday, January 3, 2012


HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012!! wah its been 2012 already..well,on 3rd January hopefully still not too late for me to write about a new year..why I'm not posting it on yesterday2 like others do?its because i'm waiting the idea to come..LOL..when a new year come,firstly that will appeared on someone's mind is AZAM..okeh,whats my AZAM??i don't want to think hard about that bcoz i'm tiredly dissapointed with the AZAM every year i can't make it successful..ohhmiGooddd..thats why i'm not really excited when new year come expecially for this year bcos my age will turn to 20...yeah more TEEN okeh so I should learn hardly how to become a lady and a woman maybe?? I want to make my life better by being a good lady...decrease my ego,my selfish,and my big-headed! i'll keep it up as my AZAM this year maybe?well just wwait and see. God will :))

as the year change,its mean there's also many challenges waiting for me to face,to think and to solve it..and so many things to consider..hows the better solutions for all these?well,just follow the flow maybe..

when i was at 10...wah i'm already live for 10 years in ths world..proud! not matured enough at tht time,juz keeping enjoy and no miserable life..

now when i'm 20...ohhh man,am i 20 on ths year?no no no..i'm still look like a young teen when mkcik2 kedai called me 'dik'...juz for a while,then back to reality tht i am clearly 20..yeah,truth is hurt!

the older u get,then more things u need to think,to face and to solve it such as
1.wht will happen to my life next?? i have an enough money without asking to my mom continuously??
3.will i pass on all exms later??
4.wht's my job in the future??
5.mostly this will appear on girls mind..agk2 bile aku nk kawen?sape la jodoh aku agknyer?ish org len da nk kawen,aku ble lg?ade duit ke x ni nk kawen? totally LOL...

actually i'm not really thinking to hard for all these thing..its juz appears suddenly in my mind...