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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Death Holiday

hi peeps,friends,guys and everybody...after facing of one month of new course but at the same place,i felt extremely diffrent compared to a year ago of myself..maybe i felt kind of matured enough??oh no not yet okayh i'm still kind of childish and sometime i'm giggling to death..and sometime i'm silently to freak! yeah i don't know why and its happen to sudden without any reason..and hell yeah actually i can feel the diffrent in myself in this particular year of 2012..:))oh back to the top story,about my far so great and hopefully will be great untill the end and yes it needs me to spent most of the time for revision if i don't want to lose anything..and today after a month of my lecture,i got 10 days of holiday..oh man,again of disaster..i'm not really interested of long holidays without any plans..boredom killing me softly..somebody please take me out of this boring life! *sigh..ohh i keep on listening on 'demi lovatto-give your heart a break' for this moment..on the next post,next song will come over my ear drum with the beats on..yeahh!