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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Back To College =,=

ahah! everybody keeps your hand up and down,up and down! LOL...are u ready to go back to school and do your daily bored same activities???yeah u will face all of these for being 'budak sekolah' by following all scematic rules..ROTFL..well i get used of that..same as me,i will get back to college on 4th January or tomorrow..yeah tomorrow..the 6 weeks holiday has driving me to my own fantasy..owh life is like heaven when u are alone in your home and do everything u want without hearing any distraction voice (mak bebel)..but if your daily life is like that why and nooo benefit activity at all u will feel no life and feel extremely boredom..

how i spent my last holiday??oohhh man,disaster i thought!with no money,no friend and no activity at all!on the first week holiday i felt so heaven but on another weeks i felt hell because of doing the same activity everyday...MAKAN dan TIDO!never mind then,i'm passed the hell holidays with successfully facing all the boredom..

by the new sem,hopefully i can arrange my benefical activities and do better compare to the last2 sem..i can do it!! Insyallah :))
see u then :D